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About Ngozi
My literary flair dates back to primary school when I wrote short stories. While in secondary school, I became the Editor-in-Chief of the Press Club and put together news that was read by my fellow press club members at morning assemblies. I went on to win the best literary student prize in 1989 at Federal Government Girls' College, Calabar, Nigeria. 
The educational system calendar in Nigeria had just changed when I finished my secondary education in 1989, hence my mates and I had a whole year to spend at home before moving on to various higher institutions of learning. I thought fast, what would I be doing at home from December 1989 to December 1990, apart from taking my JAMB exams?
So I decided to hook up with the local newspaper,  The Voice  in Makurdi, Nigeria. There I wrote loads of short stories and other pieces.  I continued this well into my second year in the university.
For some strange reason, I did not pursue a writing/literary related career after my service to the nation. For the next four years, I worked in, sales and human resources consulting. Then, bang! It hit me that I was veering too far off from my passion and the conversation I had with my mum years back came back to me. My mum had told me that my grand-father was called 'ono okpokoro eme  nka' - the one who sits at the table to perform wonders. The wonders here meant writing.   
So, I got a job as a researcher/writer in an aviation company in Lagos and then moved on to a multinational telecom company in Nigeria to start off a magazine and perform other communications roles. The comms roles continued in an insurance company in Lagos and now I work in corporate comms at a council in the UK. 
In between all of this I never gave up on my personal writing which range from short stories, features to novels.
Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the few scribblings I have written and my new novel Beyond the distant clouds
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